Ryan H’s 4Runner Build

Everyone loves a nice glo-up story where we start with a plain 4Runner and end up with a manimal of an off-road machine. Our customer Ryan H, has not only done just that, but he’s gone out of his way to keep us in the loop the whole time. It’s because of this loyalty to Pure4Runner and his willingness to share his story with us that we are able to bring this story to you. Ryan started off his first order with an N-Fab 2010+ Roof Rack and the RCI 4Runner Front Skid Plate 03-09.

Ryan stated “Got the rack installed last weekend and love it. Also did the vinyl wrap on the factory rails which looks great with that rack, photo attached. The RCI packages should arrive in Anchorage tomorrow, so will let you know. Thanks again for working out that shipping issue with them, can’t wait to get my hands on the parts.”

Both of these products are a great foundation for durability and an instant functional utility to your vehicle. Storage issues and meddling undercarriage blemishes are now a thing of the past. From this point on Ryan had officially caught the upgrade bug and knew that more modifications were soon to come.. We’ll list them here for your viewing convenience 

As you can tell Ryan has gone full Dark Knight with his blackout look and it couldn’t possibly look better. We get a lot of questions about which parts are good starting points for an initial modification, and while we have our Top 5 Mods For You category that slices up the products into a beginners and advanced builders, the answer to which part is right for you is never that simple. Which products you want, which products you need for utility, and the order in which you want to implement these upgrades are the true three deciding factors to “what do I buy next?” Checkout this link for more information on initial 4Runner mods → 5th Gen 4Runner Blog


In Ryan’s case since he lives in Alaska, he needed both extreme durability and utility in order to tackle whatever the last frontier has to throw at him. This is why he chose products like the Icon Stage 3 suspension, this is our personal favorite suspension system, as you may know we have the Icon Stage 6 suspension on our own FJ Cruiser and have had nothing but positive responses about the products performance. Its for this reason we recommended the product so highly and why Ryan decided to make the upgrade.


Along with a high-end suspension Ryan chose the CBI off-road front winch bumper, the winch is an obviously necessary tool for any sort of rescue or utility towing. Along with this excellent protection, who doesn’t love the extra aggressive look of a winch and huge bumper.

Now Ryan has recently had a daughter but has still miraculously found time to continue to improve his 4Runner and adventure during the lovely first few months of life. These last few pictures will show a proud father and 4Runner owner getting out and living his best life. You’ll notice he’s been able to add a Wilco Hitch Mount for his spare tire but the bumper install is still to come. We’ll make sure to update this post with his pictures and further review of the parts!